The 11 funniest scenes – Part 1

A computer about to play episode 1 of Stranger Things, in which you can see the first of the 11 funniest scenes in Stranger Things

Stranger Things has tons of funny scenes. In the next weeks I will present my list of the 11 funniest scenes in Stranger Things seasons 1 and 2. The scenes are in no particular order, so don’t think that it means anything if your favorite moment appears to be low on the list. With no further ado, here are the first 2 of the funniest scenes in Stranger Things


1. What did i dooo?!

At the dinner table at the Wheeler’s house, Mike is trying to convince his parents that he should go out and look for Will. Karen, however, thinks that’s a bad idea, since she’s scared that Mike will disappear too. Nancy also wants to go out, and meet up with Steve, so she lies and asks if she can go to Barbara’s. (While all of this happens, Ted is doing nothing but eating his chicken)

Karen gives her the same answer she gave to Mike, and Mike tells all that Nancy only wanna go out, so that she can see her “boyfriend” Steve. That comment starts a fight between Nancy and Mike, and ends with Nancy furiously walking away from the table. Now Ted think’s it’s a good time to say something, and says: “You see, Michael? You see what happens?” And he can’t say more before Mike shouts back: “What happens when what!?”

Mike then starts shouting about how he is the only one who cares about Will’s disappearance, and ends up walking away just as furious from the table.

That’s when Karen has had enough of her husband, and tells him her iconic line: “I hope you’re enjoying your chicken Ted!” Just before she and Holly also leaves the table, abandoning Ted, who shouts his iconic lines next: “What did I do? Hey!… What did I DOOOO?!”

You can see the scene in season 1 episode 1 at 34.27  



2. El almost stripping in front of the guys

When the guys came back from the woods with the strange girl, Eleven, they try to figure out what to do with her. As they try to speak to her, and Dustin concludes that she is definitely not deaf, Mike gives her some of his clothes (that he BTW says are clean, but we know that’s a lie, because we just saw him wearing it in the last episode), and innocent little El knows, is that if someone asks her to change, she changes, no matter where she is.

That leads to three boys screaming at her to stop, and making us at home both laugh and cringe at the same time. Definitely one of the funniest scenes in the season if you ask me!

You can find this scene in season 1 episode 2, at 0.00, and with that i mean it’s the first scene in the episode.


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