All Mileven scenes pt. 3

The Mouth breather scene

The mouth breather scene goes like this: Mike, El, Dustin and Lucas are out in the woods looking for Will. El and Mike are of course walking together in the front. Eleven looks at Mike and sees that there is a scar on his chin. She asks him why the people had hurt him, which makes him look at her confused. Eleven points at the scar and Mike gets a bit embarrassed. “Oh, that? I just fell at recess.” Mike lies, which El knows. “Mike, friends tell the truth” Eleven therefore insists.

This makes Mike explain what happened. He said that he got tripped by a “mouth breather” called Troy. El once again looks confused. She then asks Mike what a ‘mouth breather’ is. “I don’t know why I didn’t tell you” He says. “Everyone at school knows. I just didn’t want you to think I was such a wastoid, you know?” Mike takes a quick look at her and then looks at the road again. “Mike… I understand” Eleven looks at Mike while she says it. Mike smiles at the words. “Oh. Okay, cool” Mike responds and looks at her. “Cool” she replies.


I’m gonna start explaining more what happens in the scenes and the take the bigger scenes instead of explaining a bit and have a lot of small scenes. You can find the scene at Season: 1 Episode: 3 Time: 36.44


“You said he was alive”

The gang is still out looking for Will when El leads them to his house. They all look really confused, but El insist on that he is there. Suddenly they hear a police siren and go after the sound. They end up at the lake. The boys and El all hide behind a fire truck trying to find out what is happening. Two men pull a boy’s body up from the water. When Mike sees the body he freaks out. It’s Will’s body. Mike yells at Eleven. He’s mad. She said he was alive aswell as that she could find him. Mike is disappointed and sad. Disappointed because Eleven didn’t keep her promise and sad because his best friend is dead. Mike jumps on his bike and hurries home. The other boys are sad too, but they also try to get Mike to stay.

This scene is actually kid of two scenes, but I didn’t want to make two ‘chapters’. You can find these scenes at Season: 1 Episode: 3 Time: 43.57 and 47.03


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