Top 11 funniest scenes pt. 2

"I'm Nancy's Mother" and other funny Stranger Things scenes

Funny Stranger Things scenes

Here is the second part of our list of the greatest funny Stranger Things scenes from the two first seasons. Keep an eye on the blog in the future, if you want to read about more funny Stranger Things scenes from season 3 and beyond.


4. She’s our friend and she’s CRAZY!


I mean, if you don’t know which scene this is by the title, i don’t think you have watched Stranger Things properly. This is one of the funniest, sweetest, and most nerve wrecking scenes in Stranger Things season 1.

The scene starts with Mike and Dustin looking for El in the woods, but then Troy and James shows up, and Troy pulls out a knife and starts chasing them. They catch them at the quarry, where Troy held Dustin, and says that he will cut out his teeth if Mike didn’t jump in the quarry. I don’t think that Troy nor Mike knew that Mike would die if he jumped, but us viewers knew that, since Hopper tells that to Phil Callahan a couple of episodes back. Mike jumps and the rest of the boys run, terrified to the edge, to see Mike… floating in the air?

He then floats up and lands on the ground, before El makes her first of a lot badass entrance in the series.

5. I’m a freak!


I think everyone cringed just a little at this scene. Will opens up to Jonathan about people calling Will “Zombie boy” and basically bullying him. Jonathan tries helping Will by saying that it’s good to be different – a freak even. He then ads : “I’m a freak!” Where to Will asks cleverly “Is that why you don’t have any friends?”.

 Even though you probably couldn’t help but cringe, do I think we all can agree that this scene was hilarious. 



6. *Nerd*


This is the first introduction of Erica – Lucas’ hilarious little sister.

The party was gonna dress up as “Ghostbusters” for Halloween, and before going to school, Mrs. Sinclair had to take some pictures of her son. Erica was standing besides her mother, looking at her brother posing. She can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed of her older brother, and doesn’t hide her feelings about it when she loudly said “God you are such a nerd… No wonder you only hang out with boys” Where to her mother angry yells “ERICA” where Erica says “just the facts”. When her mother then starts taking pictures of Lucas again, we see Erica mouthing *Nerd* to Lucas.

The first time seeing her, and we are already laughing our heart out.    


7. Guys?… Guys! Why is no one else wearing costumes!?


After the “Photoshoots” at home, it was time showing the world their costumes. The boys are going to school as the Ghostbusters, ‘cause everyone always wears costumes to school on halloween… Right?

Nope… Apparently not this year, and Dustin is the first to make the horrifying discovery.

While the rest of the Party is chatting, Dustin is watching as the school bus is arriving with a lot of the students – no one wearing any sort of costume. The boys are the only one wearing it. As if they weren’t already feeling different and just not like the others. But as long as we aren’t in this situation ourselves, it is extremely funny to watch. 


8. That’s presumptuous of you.


Dustin and Lucas has been looking a lot at the new girl – Max, who they found pretty cool and interesting, after seeing her make the new high score on Dig Dug – a game Dustin used to have the high score in.

They figured she probably didn’t have any friends she could go trick or treat with at halloween, ‘cause she just moved from California to Hawkins the same week. There for they ask her to go with them.

He then adds that he knows who gives the big candybars and says that he thought that Max probably would want them too –

“That’s presumptuous of you” Max said, where to Dustin looks a bit confused, but answers anyway “Yeah, totally! So uh, you wanna come?” 

Max just rolls her eyes and leaves the scene. Dustin yells more information about time and place after her, and then looks proud. “Presumptuous… It’s a good thing, right?” And Lucas only sighs as an answers, and leaves Dustin really confused. 


9. MHHm… I got a code for you instead… 


Another scene with Lucas’ hilarious little sister. 

He needs someone from the party to help him, after Dart becomes a demodog and ate Dustin’s cat. The thing is, that everyone is already doing something else, and do not have time to answer the Walkie Talkie, except Erica – who is at home in Lucas’ room, and hears the Walkie Talkie, with Dustin who keeps repeating “Guys i need help, it’s a code red – a code red!”. 

Erica finds that pretty annoying, and decides to answer Dustin.

“Will you please shut up!?” Erica almost commands.

“Erica!” Dustin says in relief, “Erica, is Lucas there?”

Where to Erica answers quite flippant “I don’t know, and I don’t care”

“Is he with Mike?” Dustin tries, but Erica answers just as flippant, “Like I said : I don’t know, and I don’t care”

“Please tell him that it’s important – please tell him that I have a code -”

“- A code red?” Erica interrupts.

“Yep code red – exactly” Dustin says, relieved that she listens. 

“Mmm – Hmm, I got a code for you instead” Erica answers, “It’s called code : shut your mouth”, and with that said, Erica turns the Walkie Talkie off, leaving Dustin without any help.

I don’t know about you, but this scene is one of my favorites. And am I the only one who hears this whole conversation with their voices?


10. I’m Nancy’s mother 😉 <3


This is a really hated scene, but I find it hilarious, and I can’t help but laugh the entire time watching this scene. 

Billy is send out by his parents to look after Max – who he was supposed to “babysit” that night – even tho she is 13 years old. He didn’t really care where she was, and did not know that she had went out with Lucas. He soon found out that the Wheeler house was the “Designated hangout” as he said himself, and went over there. 

Karen didn’t really wanna get the door, but when she opens it, she gets a pleasant surprise, Billy, who looks alot like the guy on the cover of her book, stands there.

“I didn’t realise Nancy had a sister” Billy said flirty.

Karen just rolls her eyes and smiles.

“I’m Nancy’s mother”

“No” Billy said in disbelief.

“Yes” Karen said biting her lip.

Billy kept flirting with her, and got invited inside. He got the address to where Karen believed Max to be, and Billy walks out of the house satisfied. 

I hope to see more of these two in season 3, even tho I know a lot don’t.   



11. Steve as a mum


Steve was a mum throughout the last 4-3 episodes of season 2, but the best “Mum scene” was definitely in episode 9. In this scene the kids didn’t like the fact that everyone was out doing something dangerous while they were just at home waiting. 

Steve then tries to make him understand that it’s okay that they don’t do anything.

“Listen, dude, a coach calls a play in a game, bottom line, you execute it. All right?” Steve says, referencing basketball.

“Okay, first of all, this isn’t some stupid sports game. And second, we’re not even in the game, we’re on the bench.” Mike says quite annoyed at Steve.

“So my point is… Right yeah, we’re on the bench, so, uh, there’s nothing we can do” 

“That’s not entirely true” Dustin ads in, “I mean, these demodogs they have a hive mind when they ran away from the bus, they were called away”

“If we get their attention…” Lucas said.

“Maybe we can draw them from the lab” Max finished.

“Clear path to the gate” Mike concludes.

“Yeah, and then WE ALL DIE” Steve says, gesturing with his arms as he talks.

Mike comes up with a plan, and every time he mentions doing something dangerous (which was quite often) Steve would comment things like: “Uh yeah, that’s a no” and “Hey! It’s not happening”

And, to me, that’s really hilarious, ‘cause in reality, all the kid’s probably has a higher IQ than him (Sorry Steve) so it is really easy for them to make a good point that Steve really can’t deny. So he is really in a dilemma, ‘cause he promised Nancy that he would keep the kids safe, but the two other kids (El and Will) are in danger, and the rest of the kids has a really good plan, that might work, the thing is, that if it doesn’t work, they’ll probably all die. 

But this scene is so funny, and I know that a lot of other people thinks that too.


What’s your favorite funny scene?


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