All Mileven scenes pt. 4

A close up of the bully's face as Troy pees himself

Here is another three moments that defined everyone’s favorite ship, Mileven. Read about things like the boys’ improvised story about Eleven, and the scene where the bully Troy pees himself.

Mike finding out that Will is still alive

Mike is sitting on his couch in the basement looking at Will’s old drawings. In the other side of the room Eleven is playing with Mike’s walkie-talkie. Mike gets annoyed by the noise so he asks El if she will turn off the noise. She does it for a while but then starts again. Mike then begins to yell at her saying that he trusted her and she made him believe that Will was okay. He tells Eleven that friends isn’t supposed to lie to each other. When he is done talking someone in the walkie-talkie starts to sing. Mike quickly recognizes the voice and jumps down from the couch and over to Eleven. He starts to talk to the walkie-talkie hoping that Will will answer. In spite of this, Mike is happy. He knows that his best friend is still alive. 


This scene is so nice ‘cause Eleven finds out what friends do plus now we all know that Will is alive. You can find the scene at  Season: 1 Episode: 4 Time: 6.05


Clarke meeting El

The boys and Eleven is riding their bikes to the school so they can use the Heathkit to find Will. The boys have given El a blonde wig and a pink dress and put make up on her so she could blend in. When they are about to get into the AV-room Mr. Clarke comes and asks the boys why they aren’t at the assembly for Will. They say that they need some alone-time to cry. When Clarke gives them the key so they can get to the Heathkit after the assembly he says that he hadn’t met El. He asks about her name and where she’s from. Eleven is about to answer herself but the boys take over and says that her name is Eleanor, she’s Mike’s second cousin and in Hawkins for Will’s funeral. They also say that she’s from Sweden. Clarke believe their lie and follows them to the assembly. 


This scene is so iconic, and I love it. It is amazing how the boys just makes everything about El up on the spot. You can find the scene at  Season: 1 Episode: 4 Time: 23.17


Troy pees himself

The boys and Eleven is at the assembly at the school. While they are sitting there Mike overhears Troy and his friend making fun of the principal and Will. Eleven looks at Mike, calls Troy a mouth breather and then looks at Mike again. After the assembly Mike gets so pissed at Troy that he confronts him. Mike says that it was some messed up things he said. Troy says that Will is in fairyland happy and gay, which makes Mike push him so he fall. When Troy gets up he is about to go back at Mike but suddenly can’t move. While he’s standing there he begins to pee himself. Mike look back at Eleven who smiles and wipe the blood of her nose. Suddenly the principal comes and they all run away.


This scene isn’t exclusively about Mike and Eleven, but I think that the scene shows how much their bond is growing. You can find the scene at  Season: 1 Episode: 4 Time: 29.08


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