All Mileven scenes pt. 5

Mike and Eleven walking down the train tracks while searching for the gate to The Upside Down

The boys trying to find the gate to the Upside Down

Eleven, Mike, Lucas and Dustin are walking in the woods with some compasses in their hands. They are trying to find the gate to the Upside Down. Eleven and Mike are walking some feet behind Dustin and Lucas. We see a flashback of Eleven going into the tub. Then we go back to reality. Eleven asks Mike if they can go back because she is tired. Mike says that they are probably there soon and that she should hold out a bit longer until they gets there. Eleven looks back, but continues walking. 

They end up at a place full of trash and old cars. Dustin realizes that they have been going in a loop and are heading back home. They boys gets confused and starts to think of how they ended up the wrong place when Lucas says that it is Eleven who was screwing with the compasses. Mike defends Eleven and says that it wasn’t her. Eleven then admits that she did it, but only because it wasn’t safe looking for the gate.

Lucas gets mad and tells Mike that the only reason he’s defending her is because he likes her. Mike gets even more angry than before and the boys get into a fight. Eleven yells at them to break them apart and accidently makes Lucas fly off Mike, hitting a big metal plate. Dustin and Mike hurry to Lucas who’s lying unconscious on the ground. Mike again gets mad at Eleven and starts yelling at her. Eleven begins to cry. Lucas wakes up and Mike asks him if he’s alright. Lucas is still mad so he leaves. When Dustin and Mike looks at the place where Eleven stood she is gone. They try to call on her but she doesn’t respond. 


This scene is incredibly strong, so good and so sad at the same time.  You can find the scene at Season: 1 Episode: 5 Time: 38.13 and 41.02


Mike refusing to forget Eleven

Mike and Dustin are at Lucas’ house so Mike can shake Lucas’ hand and they all can stay in the party. Lucas refuses to shake his hand except if they forget about “the weirdo”. Mike refuses and says that Eleven is a part of the party now. Lucas disagree and says that she’s a liar and a traitor. Mike cuts him off by saying that she just wanted to keep them safe. Lucas then says that she could have killed him. Now both Dustin and Mike thinks that it was a “good thing” that Eleven did that. Dustin thinks that because he thought it was kind of awesome and Mike thinks that because she could be their “weapon”. Lucas still doesn’t want Eleven in the party and goes out to find the gate and Will.


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