The Stranger Things book

My sister (who also writes some of these blogs) and I  bought the Stranger Things book back in February. We have owned the book for a couple of months now, but we have never really considered writing about it until now.

What does it look like?

The front of the Stranger Things book is definitely the coolest looking part of the book. So it says STRANGER THINGS at the top (it looks like in the intro). There is a picture/drawing which fills the whole front. The picture is of Mike standing in the front with Lucas and Dustin slightly behind him. The boys are standing over their bikes looking a bit scared but mostly mad and serious. Behind them is a beautiful moon and the woods. To the left is a big tree. It looks really pretty but also a bit scary because it’s dark. But that’s not all of the picture. Actually it’s only the half of it. ‘Cause the the other half (also the bottom) is the Upside Down with Will in the front. Will looks extremely scared while he’s standing there. Will is standing in a forest where all the trees are rotten. The light is all red. There is no normal light. From the forest floor there is coming vines up. The vines move like snakes. In the air there is big white dusty thingies. Under Will the book says with a small size of type ‘The official behind-the-scenes companion. Under that there is written with a bigger size of type. There it says ‘Worlds turned upside down’. And under that it again says with a small size of type ‘foreword by by Matt and Ross Duffer.’

There is a round sticker on the plastic that secures the book. The sticker says ‘Don’t freak! This book is supposed to look worn and torn.’ The reason that the book says this is that the paper on the book is “ripped”.

What is the Stranger Things book about?

This book is about before Stranger Things (like what inspired the story), about the things coming together (like how they wrote the first episode), it’s about what’s in Hawkins, The phenomenon, the Mazes and Monsters,The shape of Things to come. The book also includes a foreword by the Duffers, an afterword by  Shawn Levy and a page for credits. 

I haven’t finished the book yet, and I don’t want to give you any spoilers so I am not gonna tell you any more about the book. If you are a big Stranger Things fan you should buy this book. 

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