Songs in every episode of Stranger Things

Some of the most iconic Songs in Stranger Things play during the Snow Ball as seen here

Have you heard a song on Stranger Things, but don’t know what the song is? Then I am here to help you. This is a full list of all the songs in Stranger Things. So please enjoy.

Songs in Stranger Things Season 1


Ep. 1

Every little bit – Jackie James & Curnow (Song Nancy listens o when Steve sneaks into her room)


Ep. 2

Should I stay or should I go? – The clash (Jonathan hears it in car. Joyce in Will’s room)

Jingle Bells – The Canterbury Choir (Joyce asks for advance on her paycheck)


Ep. 3

Waiting for a girl like you – Foreigner (Nancy loses her virginity to Steve)


Ep. 4

Color Dreams – The Deep (Hopper’s in the bar watching a football game)


Ep. 5

Elegia – New Order (At Wills funeral)

Old Time Rock & Roll – Bob Seger & The silver bullet band (Song Steve sings to Nancy)


Ep. 6

She’ll kill you – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Eleven rescues Dustin and Mike from Troy and James)


Ep. 7

Still pretty – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Mike and Eleven are in the basements bathroom. Mike tells Eleven that she’s pretty without the wig)


Ep. 8

Eleven Is Gone – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Eleven defeats the demogorgon and disappears)


Songs in Stranger Things Season 2


Ep. 1

Rock you like a hurricane – Scorpions (When Max and Billy comes out of Billy’s car)

Spooky Movies – Gary Paxton (Plays when Bob comes into Melvand’s) 


Ep. 2

Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr. (When the boys take on their costumes, and when Dustin looks in the trash can at his house)

Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers (The kids are out trick or treating)


Ep. 3

You don’t mess around with Jim – Jim Croce (Flashback to Hopper playing the song while him and Eleven are cleaning up the cabin)


Ep. 4

Scarface (Push it to the limits) – Paul Engemann (Starts his truck after getting a message about Joyce’ many calls)


Ep. 5

Strength in numbers – Channel 3 (Billy picks Max up at the arcade, and he starts asking about Lucas)


Ep. 6

You better go now – Billie Holiday (Nancy and Jonathan talks about how they shouldn’t believe what Murray said)

The first lie – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Nancy and Jonathan meet in the living room, and then starts kissing)


Ep. 7

Whisper to scream – The Icicle Works (Eleven says to Kali and her crew that she’s going to see her friends)

She wants me to find her – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Eleven tells Becky that Teri wants El to find the girl from the Rainbow room)


Ep. 8

Should I stay or should I go? – The clash (Jonathan plays the song to make Will calm down, while the others figure out what he’s saying through morse code)


Ep. 9

I do believe (I fell in love) – Donna Summer (Karen helps Billy navigate to the Byers house)

Jingle bell rock – Bobby Helms (The school is getting ready for the Snow Ball)

Time after time – Cyndi Lauper (Lucas asks Max to dance, Will gets asked to dance by a classmate, Dustin gets rejected by Stacy but Nancy asks him to dance. Hopper and Joyce are sitting outside the hall, talking and smoking)

Every Breath you Take – The Police (Mike asks Eleven to dance)


Songs in Stranger Things Season 3


Ep. 1

(I just) Died in your arms tonight – Cutting Crew (Karen prepares to meet with Billy)

Never Surrender – Corey Hart (Mike and Eleven are in Elevens room. Mike starts so sing along to the music)


Ep. 2

You don’t mess around with Jim – Jim Croce (Hopper’s happily singing in the car, because Mike and Eleven aren’t seeing each other that day)

Material Girl – Madonna (Max and El are shopping in starcourt mall while Mike, Will and Lucas are trying to find something Mike can give Eleven)


Ep. 3

Angel – Madonna (Max’ dancing around the room while Eleven’s looking through a magazine)

Wake me up before you go-go – Wham! (Steve and Dustin followed a guy who they thought were a russian, but turned out being a dance teacher)

American pie – Don Mclean (Billy is sitting at the table with Heather and her family. Heathers mom passes out, and Heather knocks out her dad)


Ep. 4

We’ll meet again – Vera Lynn (The kids look through the hole in the wall as Billy runs away after the locker room fight with Eleven.)

Jack Tarn’s hornpipe – John Leach (Robin and Dustin are negotiating with Erica)


Ep. 5

Boogie man – Sid Phillips & His Melodians (Murray uses metal detector on Hopper and Alexei)

In Our Hideaway – Valentino (Nancy and Jonathan are apologizing to each other while taking the elevator to Ms. Driscoll’s hospital room)


Ep. 6

Neutron Dance – The Pointer Sisters (Alexei opens his handcuffs and drive away)

The Wild Ride – Danny Elfman (Hopper throws Alexei out the door, and tells him to get his own slushie)


Ep. 7

Theme (From “Back to the Future”) – Alan Silvestri (Back to the future ends)

Total eclipse of the heart – cast (Steve and Robin are making fun of Tammy’s singing)


Ep. 8

Goldrush – yello (Dustin, Steve, Robin and Erica drives to the cerebro)

Neverending story – cast (Suzie and Dustin are singing together)

Deep – Peter Sandberg (Eleven reads Hoppers letter, and the kids say goodbye)


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