All Mileven Scenes pt. 6

Eleven arrives and breaks Troy's arm, making Dust yell: "Yeah that's right! She's our friend and she's crazy!"

Here is another of the many brilliant scenes with Mike and Eleven from Eleven. This time I will detail the iconic “She’s our friend and she’s crazy!” moment from the first season. Read the previous part here.


“She’s our friend and she’s crazy!”

Mike and Dustin are out looking for Eleven, who’d runaway earlier, when they see Troy and James. Dustin and Mike let go of their bikes and run as fast as they can. James ran the other way and now Mike and Dustin are surrounded on a cliff. 

Mike tries to throw a rock at James but misses, and Dustin tries to attack Troy, who has a knife, with a stick. Troy the gets Dustin and holds him tight, while putting the knife to his throat. Troy asks the boys how they made him pee his pants, and Dustin tells him that they have a friend with “superpowers”. Then Troy says that Mike should wet himself by jumping into the lake, which is about 50ft. Mike agrees and when Troy starts counting down, Mike jumps. 

The rest of the boys run to the edge of the cliff, to look for Mike. Mike is floating in the middle air, not falling down. Suddenly he starts to rise up and over the boys. 

Mike looks to his left, and so does the others, to see Eleven coming towards them. She makes James fall on his back, and Troy dropping his knife by breaking his arm. 

“Go” she says and the two boys run away. “Yeah, that’s right. You better run! She’s our friend and she’s CRAZY! If you come back here she’ll kill you! You hear me? She’ll kill you, you son of bitches!” Dustin yells after them. 

While Dustin yells at the boys Eleven faints and falls to the ground. While she’s laying there she’s having flashbacks to the time she opened the gate to the upside down. 

“El, are you okay?” Mike asks Eleven who’s still laying on the ground.
“Mike… I’m sorry.” Eleven says while sobbing.
“Sorry? What are you sorry for?” he asks her.
“The gate… I opened it. I’m the monster.” Eleven answers while crying.
“No. No, El your not the monster. You saved me. Do you understand? You saved me.”  Mike pulls Eleven up in a hug, and quickly Dustin joins them. 



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