A list of my favorite songs in Stranger Things and what scene they were in (seasons 1-4)

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We all know Stranger Things got a great soundtrack, and has more than once made a song climb to the top 5 chart more than 30 years after its release. 

On top of that, season 4 also revealed that music is the key to protect yourself from the upside down master, Vecna’s mind control.
I decided to make a list of my favorite songs in all the seasons that have come out so you can navigate through them easier than I had to.


Season 1: Should I stay or should I go, The Clash.

This song was definitely the most important part of the entire season. It was the song of hope for Will while being stuck in the Upside Down, but also a way to show his fear and confusion, almost like asking himself “should I stay or should I go?” when hiding from the Demogorgon. Fans have also speculated after watching the newest season, if this song helped him hide from Vecna, as we know music keeps him out of one’s head.
My favorite moment it was played would have to be when we see Jonathan show the song to Will for the first time in a flashback, in season 1, episode 2, at the minute 16:30.
It was especially heart warming because Jonathan did it to shield Will from the sound of their parents fighting in the background. Therefore I’d also say that the song is a symbol of the love the brothers have for each other. 


Season 2: Rock you like a hurricane, Scorpions

This song contributed to one of the coolest character-introductions in the show. It played when we were introduced to Billy Hargrove and Max Mayfield for the first time in season 2, episode 1 at minute 14:05. In my opinion this song fitted Billy so well, and gave us an understanding of what kind of person he is, without the need of dialogue. The almost overly confident lyrics “Here I am, rock you like a hurricane” is just a perfect fit for Billy’s huge ego, but I also believe it fits perfect for Max, since she kind of rocked the boys like a hurricane when they first met her. On top of that, it’s also just a great song that created the perfect mood for the dramatic introduction of two incredibly important characters in the show.


 Season 2: Ghostbusters, Ray Parker Jr.

The Halloween episode in Stranger Things season 2 was especially memorable because of the boy’s Ghostbusters costumes. The great photo-montage in season 2, episode 2 at minute 10:30 of the boys in their costumes wouldn’t be the same without the ghostbuster-song in the background! It’s also a cool reference, and I think many people who were kids in the 80’s also remember how much that movie meant for people their age, when it first came out.


Season 2: You don’t mess around with Jim, Jim Croce

One of the most heartwarming scenes of season 2 has to be when Hopper brought Eleven with him to the old cottage – giving her a new home. Those two are such a great match, I believe they really needed each other. El needed a parent and Hopper a kid. But that old cottage really needed a clean, and who can clean without music? That’s why Hopper found an old vinyl – “you don’t mess around with Jim”, a perfect match for our Jim Hopper, and then proceeded to show the iconic Jim Hopper dance for the first time, amusing El and the viewer equally. The scene is in season 2, episode 3 at minute 15:45, if you want to rewatch Hopper’s dance. 


Season 2: Time after Time, Cindi Lauper

Let’s skip to the end, because in my opinion this is one of the most memorable “Stranger Things”- songs. The song starts playing in episode 9 at minute 51:09, at the snow-ball, and the group splits up into pairs, Will with some girl from school, Max and Lucas, but Mike and Dustin are left without a partner. Mike is sulking, sad that eleven isn’t there, but for most of the song Dustin is bravely walking around, trying to find someone to dance with, but keeps being rejected horribly everytime. I think for most people watching this scene, you get a small lump in your throat at the sight of Dustin looking around helplessly before giving up, and settling on the bleachers. Luckily Nancy sees all this, and being the sympathetic person she is, sweetly asks him to dance with her, making him look like the coolest middle-schooler, dancing with the most popular girl in high school. 


Season 2: Every Breath you take, The Police

This is the song that plays right after “Time after Time” at around minute 56:20, and this has to be the most iconic season 2 song. In the beginning of the scene when it starts playing, we are seeing a sulking Mike, then suddenly looking at something behind the camera. Us viewers are left to speculate about what it is he is seeing for only a few seconds, then we see El walking into the room. Mike is there immediately, and soon they start dancing. This song is great, because it portrays the protectiveness they have of each other. “I’ll be watching you” is in this sense a sweet thing, almost like a promise, to never let each other out of sight again. All though it does seem sweet in this moment, I have to agree with Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair) when he comments on the choice of song in “Beyond Stranger Things” on Netflix – it does sound ‘stalkerish’, but I also believe that’s the point, because to everyone’s horror, the scene then skips to an outside perspective of Hawkins Middle School, flipping to the upside down, where the Mindflayer is watching over the building, watching their every move. Therefore the song doubles as a love song as well as a really creepy song. 


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